Everyone who has, or had amalgam (silver) dental fillings, especially dentists and dental office staff are Mercury toxic to some degree.  50% of an amalgam filling is mercury. Mercury is the most poisonous, naturally occurring non-radioactive substance on earth. There is no harmless level of mercury!

Over 180 million people in the US have amalgam fillings and are being poisoned by the mercury vapor continuously released by these fillings. It contributes to, or makes worse, over 100 health issues. These include heart disease, MS, arthritis, chronic fatigue, headaches, allergies, fibromyalgia, candidiasis, depression, memory loss and many others.

Safely removing amalgam fillings and supporting the body’s efforts to safely remove accumulative mercury are the only effective ways to treat the symptoms related to mercury poisoning.

When having these fillings removed, it is important to have a mercury safe dentist do the procedure. Only a small percentage of dentists are using safe removal protocols, which puts the dentist, dental assistants and the patient are risk.

Dr. Tom McGuire, DDS, one of the leading authorities on health hazards of amalgam fillings and mercury detoxification, has a website at dentalwellness4u.com. It has the largest internet listing of mercury free and safe dentists. He has written several best-selling books on the subject as well.

He recommends the use of activated liquid zeolite to support your body efforts to remove mercury. This is a tasteless, odorless liquid that is a simply micronized, purified zeolite in distilled water. Zeolite is a naturally-occurring volcanic mineral that has an exceptional ability to attract and absorb heavy metals and other toxic chemicals. It’s unique crystalline structure and negative charge pulls heavy metals in and traps them making it easy for the body to eliminate them. Zeolites remove a broad range of heavy metals and offer many well-documented health benefits.

I am, personally, using Clear TRS for removal off mercury and other toxic heavy metals.  This Zeolite molecule can pass through the blood-brain barrier and is patented by the US Government.  Learn more about or purchase Clear TRS

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